The Minimum Effort Ep.14: Justice League!


Ben and Lewis, after regaining the part of their soul they lost while watching Justice League, give the slog of a film a review, as well as crapping all over Star Wars Battlefront 2… it’s a real optimistic episode!


Trailer Review: Batman Vs Superman SDCC trailer



Ben: So, Batman Vs Superman. What did you think?

Lewis: I think it looks pretty fuckin’ good

Ben: I think I agree. The teaser trailer left me wondering how it would turn out, but this has confirmed that I am looking forward to this film.

Lewis: It definitely looks a whole lot better than the teaser trailer suggested… I’m actually on board with the premise now, and Affleck actually looks pretty believable as Batman.

Ben: He does, doesn’t he? I like the idea of this film, Batman’s almost hatred and mistrust of Superman due to the fear of what he’s capable of, as well as his anger over the fight between Superman and Zod. I like how it seems to tie into Man of steel rather than just forgetting about it.

Lewis: Yeah, I really like how it’s tying all of it together. Jeremy Irons looks like a really good Alfred too, it’s like he’s acting as the devil’s advocate I debate of whether Batman should fight him. Although, I doubt the whole film will be Batman vs Superman, not with Lex Luthor getting involved.

Ben: Yeah I was going to say that. Mr Irons looks very good in that roll. Do you think this will be a different kind of Alfred compared to Michael Caine’s?
The much debated casting of Jesse Eisnburg as Lex Luther… he is a good actor so I personally don’t have an issue. He seems to be stringing things up for sure, and from the looks of it he is armed with Kryptonite.

Lewis: Hmmmmm, I’m not too sure about Jesse Eisenberg, he usually only plays himself, but I guess we’ll have to see. As for the relationship between Bruce and Alfred, I think it’ll be a little different to Bale and Caine’s take on it. I think they’re both older, so I think they’ll be a little pissier with each other rather than getting on so well. It does all feel very soon though, almost too soon after the Dark Knight Trilogy.

Ben: That’s fair, but I think he has what it takes to bring something new to the part.
I got more of a “coming out of retirement” vibe from Affleck’s Batman… more than just a bit of extra training.
Yeah that is how I saw it, a slightly more bitter relationship but with Alfred still being the grounding factor, which definitely came across in the trailer. Also, how do you mean “too soon”? There were also hints at the Joker possibly making an appearance.

Lewis: I meat that It feels like we only just finished the Dark Knight Trilogy, and now there’s another Batman story arc that could potentially be very different. Then again, it might not completely discount the Dark Knight films.
Yeah that’s true, the scrawled writing teasing Batman could well be him.

Ben: I suppose so, but I think the fact that I know Zack Snyder is going in a different direction means that it doesn’t bother me.
It looks like he’s teasing him about the death of Robin.

Lewis: Wonder Woman looks pretty awesome too, I wonder what part she’ll be playing in the fight?

Ben: Well it looks like something big busted out of Lexcorp, I have heard it could potentially be Doomsday, so she could help in fighting that. Or she could kick both of their arses setting them straight in the process.

Lewis: She could end up taking the more mature standpoint. Doomsday would be interesting, that’d give Batman and Superman something to team up against.

Ben: It is a real possibility. Or something might happen to Zod, there’s some potential in bringing back him back to life. Either way, Doomsday or Zod, I’d like to see Wonder woman win where the other two failed, it’d be a good introduction to the character.

Lewis: Yeah, and the start of the Justice League, which is set to be released in 2017 I believe. All in all I think this is going to be a good introduction to a new series of films. I’m also excited for that solo Batman film that Afleck’s going to be directing/starring in

Ben: Considering Affleck’s directing career that should be good. Will it be able to challenge the Marvel Movie Machine though?

Lewis: I highly doubt it’ll be able to compete, but I think it’ll still have a fair bit of success. Marvel’s already cornered that market, and it will be very difficult for DC to push their way in.

Ben: But if it pushes both to make quality films that can only be a good thing.
One last thing from me, I just want to mention how good the trailer was. It gave us enough to speculate and get excited about but managed not to give everything away; there are plenty of questions still to be answered.

Lewis: Exactly, it reminded me a lot of the Star Wars trailer in that it gave us familiar things but also a lot of things that need answers, and that weren’t answered in a 2 minute trailer (unlike Jurassic World or Terminator Genisys).

Ben: Yes, a lesson can be learned here by a number of franchises…