The Minimum Effort Ep.6: Wonder Woman


In a very belated episode of the podcast, Ben and Lewis review the first good(?) entry in the DCEU- Wonder Woman, and talk about some other movie stuff too…


“Like a Testicle With Teeth”: Deadpool Trailer



Ben: So, what did you think?

Lewis: I think it looks pretty frickin’ awesome

Ben: It does look pretty good; something a bit different.

Lewis: I can’t believe it’s taken them this long to actually do a Deadpool movie… everybody loves him.


Ben: I think everyone loves the idea of Deadpool. I think he could steal a film with a 15 minute cameo, but he could possibly become a bit tiresome during an hour and a half film. The trailer looks brilliant though.

Lewis: Very true, and I do think that could be a danger, buuuuut, he is an awesome character. I’m certain they could work it out.

Ben: He definitely is something else…
I am sure they will; Ryan Reynolds has the ability to pull off Deadpool properly this time, and Morena Baccarin proved herself in Gotham so it looks like a solid cast, albeit fairly unknown.

Lewis: Well to be honest, his portrayal of Wade Wilson in X-men Origins was pretty spot on, and if he delivers the same quality this time around it’s gonna be great. There are some X-men appearances too (Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead), so he’s done something to piss them off and get them involved.

Ben: It was just the Deadpool bit in Origins which was so stupidly awful.
Hopefully Colossus gets a fair amount of screen time, he has been under used in the other x-men films.

Lewis: Yeah, it’s tough to see what sort of a plot line they’re going to have (I’m a fan of the comics but not all-knowing), but if it’s as gory and as funny as this trailer was, I think they’re going to have a big hit.

Ben: I think the plot line will come second to the humour and the violence, they’ll play to the character strengths.
Some of the Deadpool comic book stories are pretty bizarre…

Lewis: Oh yes they are, but hilariously so.
To be fair, the humour has always been his selling point, and it works too. I think it’ll be good to see a more lighthearted but also darker Marvel film.
And I love things that break the 4th wall…

Ben: Well, Fox film…
The test footage shows him breaking the 4th wall but I’m not sure if it will happen in the proper film.

Lewis: Oh yeah, Fox film.
Well he does it in the trailer too when he sniffs his guns, looks at the camera and says “I’m touching myself tonight” but anyway, it’s Deadpool, you can’t have a Deadpool film without him breaking the fourth wall

Ben: That is true, I forgot about that bit.

Lewis: To be honest, I think this has the potential to be one of the best superhero films in the past couple of years as long as they do it right.

Ben: Yes, I do have high hopes.