The Minimum Effort Ep.15: The Last Jedi


This is it, the moment we’ve been waiting for for almost two years… The Last Jedi premiered last week and boy was it a big surprise!

Come and join Ben and Lewis as they discuss the film, consider its place in the franchise, and wonder how this will affect the future of Star Wars…


The Force Awakens- The Good and the Bad


So with The Last Jedi only a few days away we decided to write another couple of reviews for the latest additions to the Star Wars filmography. As before we are going to do 5 good points and 5 bad points, unless you are Lewis and cop out and only do 4. So, enough with all the preamble you are here for some strong opinions and a witty banter (Lewis, make sure you make it witty while you’re editing). Here it is- my review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (TFA for convenience, I don’t want to write more than I have to).

We’ll start with the good shall we?

The Good

A good start to a new trilogy – Ok, so I know that this film is essentially A New Hope 2.0 (I’ll get round to this later) but this film has got to cover 30 years of Star Wars history, appease returning fans, and introduce new film goers to the Star Wars Universe, and you know what, TFA does a bloody good job. The film is funny and rooted in Star Wars law for returning fans (there are some questionable decisions but hold your horse I’ll get round to them) while being accessible enough for your Nan to watch and have a good idea what’s going on. The film tells you what you need to know, leaves hidden what needs to be hidden, and asked questions that left me wanting more and has led to some truly fantastic theories.

Practical Effects – After the CGI disaster that was the prequel trilogy, a decision was made to bypass CGI wherever possible making use of practical effects, animatronics, puppets and actors in costumes. This was one of the most welcome things about TFA. I know CGI has come a very long way since 2005, but even in films today average CGI looks awful, see Justice League and parts of Thor: Ragnarok. Obviously practical effects can’t do everything but the blend of puppets, make up, and costume with green screen and motion capture was truly brilliant here.

The Rey/Kylo duel – Right, so, the climactic duel of TFA definitely doesn’t have the emotion of the duels seen in the original trilogy; however, the duel was able to find and almost perfect balance between the stylised, over choreographed performances seen in the prequels, the Obi-Wan/Anakin duel on Mustafa in particular, and the wood chopping heavy swinging style seen in the originals. This balanced fighting style makes the duel a fast-paced spectacle without all the unnecessary twirling around.


Casting and performance – The film introduced three new heroes to the Star Wars world and all of them were great, I really, really enjoy Oscar Isaac and John Boyega in this film, their shared screen time, although brief, is funny, engaging, and believable. Daisy Ridley really grows into the film (more later) and by the end she gives a really terrific performance, you would hardly know she was a relatively inexperienced actor at the time of filming. We also see some returning favourites, Han Solo is back playing (spoilers) the Ben Kenobi role, and Ford does it well. Probably only because he knew it was a one off return and that he would finally get the character killed off, something he has been after since The Empire Strikes Back.

Writing – This is my last ‘Good point’ and it very much echoes my first; the film, for the most part, is well written, it is quick, slick, funny, and most importantly accessible. The movie re-introduces a lost world enabling people that have never seen Star War before to sit in a screening and understand and hopefully enjoy what is unfolding on screen.


The Bad

Daisy Ridley – I said there would be more later, there have been stories from the set of TFA that JJ Abrams wasn’t particularly happy with Daisy Ridley during the early days of filming, and if the film was shot from beginning to end (starting on Jakku, then moving to Maz’s, before finishing on Starkiller) I can see why. Ridley’s performance is by no means Christensen bad, but it is wooden and it did take me out of the film a bit. After about 20 minutes of screen time I could feel the difference in the performance, and after finishing the film strongly as well as coming off the back of Murder on the Orient Express I expect a big performance in The Last Jedi.

Derivative – Ok, so this is the big one, the “it’s just A New Hope 2.0” argument, that the films’ success is based on nostalgia and so on. I don’t really buy into this but ok yeah I’ll take your point and run with it. There are similarities, the big weapon that can destroy planets and the resistance (which I always thought was a stupid name for the army of the government), the use of a desert planet, and the main character wanting to leave it to name a few, and yes TFA does run very much like A New Hope, but I think the characters are different and interesting, the story takes different twists along the way and despite being set a long time ago in a galaxy far away there is only a certain amount of things you can do with a Star Wars film. When re-watching TFA there are definite similarities to A New Hope, but I don’t buy into the idea that the film’s similarity to one of its predecessors was entirely a bad thing- perhaps just a little disappointing. The similarities didn’t ruin my experience, because you know what I was too bloody busy enjoying myself. That being said the X-wing attack on Starkiller isn’t great, it is really only a means of showing us that the base was destroyed.

Toying with the lore – This is a bit more of a fan complaint than a proper film criticism, there are a lot of liberties taken with the Star Wars lore. You know how Luke seems to become a capable Jedi after what seems like 2 days in The Empire Strikes back, well in this film it takes Rey about half an hour to develop her abilities enough to beat Kylo Ren. There are many counter arguments to this, Kylo was shot, he wasn’t trying to kill her etc. but I think the film would have taken a much more interesting turn if she got her arse handed to her and perhaps Han dies saving her. There are also some bizarre new abilities including Kylo’s mind-walk trick and blaster-freezing abilities. These will probably be explained away in The Last Jedi.

Maz – I spoke about the practical effects earlier, now it is time for the CGI stuff, Maz in particular, because Snoke is only seen through a fuzzy hologram thing. Maz does look out of place in this film, I am not really sure why the choice was made to have a computer generated orange alien wandering round an almost entirely practical set but there we go.

The last point(s) –This isn’t a cop out, if anything it is a cop in, I am just putting a few smaller points in together. Firstly C3PO, the walking exposition machine strikes again. Can we please stop putting C3PO in every Star Wars film, to be honest I didn’t recognise him at first because of the red arm… see what I did there? But really the character is just an annoyance, he doesn’t serve a purpose- STOP PUTTING HIM IN THE FILMS.

Secondly, the miracle of R2D2 waking up exactly when needed. R2 could have been functioning with half the map, the droid didn’t need to be in low power mode, it was a strange choice to have him in low power mode, I can’t really figure out why it was done, it didn’t add anything to the story, and, much like this point, dragged the film out unnecessarily. Lastly, bin the Rathtar sequence, it didn’t add anything to the film, find another, quicker, way for Han to accept Rey and Finn. By binning the Rathtars some of the irritating hanging questions, like the Luke lightsaber one, can be answered.

Alrighty, that’s it, my 5 good and a few more than 5 bad points about TFA. You are probably all still shouting at how I glossed over the derivative point, but hey, if it pisses you off that much you go ahead and have a shout- it’s really good for our stats. Boycott The Last Jedi for all I care… but I know you won’t because deep down you do like this film.

Anyway, thanks for giving this a read, if you want to get in touch with us follow us on Twitter or on Facebook, and if you want to hear our lovely voices why not take a look at the new and ever so slightly improved podcast? We are bound to review The Last Jedi so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for reading guys,


You are NOT the Father!


With The Last Jedi set to hit cinemas in just a few days, fans of Star Wars are excited to see what Rian Johnson and co have in store for us with the new movie. One of the chief plot threads set to be explored is the parentage of humble scavenger Rey- who are her elusive parents, and why did they leave her on Jakku? I will now take a look at a few of the many possibilities, and will rank them according to their likelihood (in this fan’s humble opinion, at least). 


1: Luke Skywalker and X 

At face value, this seems like the obvious answer. Luke, like Rey, is strong in the force, and both followed similar paths in A New Hope and The Force Awakens respectively. Furthermore, the Star Wars saga has always followed a Skywalker, and so it would make sense for the main character to be a Skywalker, right? Add in the fact that the Skywalker lightsaber called to Rey, and it seems like a slam dunk. Well, unfortunately it doesn’t seem that simple. For starters, it can be argued that Kylo Ren, the grandson of Anakin Skywalker, fulfils the role of lead Skywalker in this trilogy. Secondly, JJ Abrams has stated that Rey’s parents did not appear in Episode XII, and while he could be lying, I feel inclined to believe him at this time. Finally, it seems out of character for Luke to have both fathered and abandoned a child, even after the destruction of his new Jedi order (I’ll mention more on that later). It is clear that Luke recognises Rey on Ach’to, but for now at least, exactly why remains a mystery. 

Likelihood: 7 midichlorians out of 10 




2: Han Solo and Leia Organa 

Another popular theory suggests that Rey is in fact a Solo, and the sister of Ben. There are strong narrative advantages to this theory- direct relatives fighting one another on opposite sides of the war is a tried and tested storytelling mechanic, with great effect. Futhermore, this would go some lengths to explain the apparent connection that exists between Rey and Kylo- both seem able to tease information out of the other, Kylo sees the ocean and the island (Ach’to?) in Rey’s mind, while Rey sees Kylo’s fear of not matching up to Vader. Another, often overlooked, bonus to this theory is that it does not require the introduction of any new characters, which allows it to be much cleaner in terms of plot threads and continuity. However, the big cross next to this theory comes from the canon novel Bloodline, set six years before Episode XII. A not-yet-fallen Ben Solo is mentioned several times, and yet there is no mention of another sibling at all, let alone one matching the description of Rey. Of course, it could simply be a lie of omission, but in that case, why not release it after the reveal, preserving the continuity? The way the scene between Han and Maz at her castle is framed makes it likely that Han knew who Rey was, but with the presence of Bloodline it seems unlikely that it is a familial connection. 


Likelihood: 4 midichlorians out of 10 (8 out of 10 without Bloodline)  



3: Grandaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi 

My personal favourite theory, (if for no other reason than because Obi-Wan is one of my favourite characters) and one that took a big boost with the announcement of the Kenobi anthology film, this is one that requires a bit more explaining. The theory suggests that Obi-Wan had a child while in exile, who in turn had Rey. Supporting evidence comes from hearing the voices of both Alec Guiness and Ewan McGregor (who recorded new lines) in the lightsaber-induced vision, the only characters to do so. As it was Old Ben who owned the lightsaber for the longest, and then passed it on to Luke, his appearance in the vision appears to make sense. Furthermore, it allows a well recognised and beloved character to remain relevant to the new trilogy, and explains Rey’s accent in the Force Awakens (meanwhile fellow Brit John Boyega had to change his for the role). This theory also satisfies Abrams’ “not in Episode XII” comment, while also providing hints for the audience. However, even a staunch Rey Kenobi believer like myself has to admit there are flaws to the theory. Several new characters would have to be introduced, which would potentially make the subsequent films messy, and question marks would arise as to why Kenobi never mentioned a child. This theory does fit, at least from a certain point of view. 


Likelihood: 6 midichlorians of 10 



4: Students of Luke’s Academy 

The most plausible of all fan theories, simply due to its flexibility, is that one or both of Rey’s parents were students in Luke’s new Jedi Order before its destruction. This would explain most of the main cast’s familiarity with Rey (at least after some coaxing), while satisfying the Abrams rule and avoiding many of the pitfalls of the theories above. This would explain some of the visions in the lightsaber vision, such as the Knights of Ren and Luke with R2-D2. Her parents would have likely been killed by Kylo and his gang, fulfilling Maz’s “prophecy” about them never coming back. The only flaw with the theory comes from Rey’s abandonment on Jakku (Why does everybody want to go back to Jakku?!). Once again, Bloodline puts a spanner in the works, however, as Ben’s fall to the dark side and the subsequent destruction of the new Jedi Order would have happened a minimum of six years before the Force Awakens, a long time after Rey arrived on Jakku (in the vision she appears to be a maximum of seven years old). It is possible that Rey’s birth was against the Jedi code, and that is why she was hidden away- but in that case, why not send her to somewhere a little more hospitable (Luke at least stayed with his family on Tatooine)? Overall, though, this is the most likely scenario regarding Rey’s lineage. 


Likelihood: 8 midichlorians out of 10 




A lot of other theories have been floated around, such as Sabine/Ezra, Qui Gon/Shmi and Cienna/Thane (and recently Iden Versio, but as I havent played the new Battlefront yet I am unqualified to comment), but they largely all suffer from the same problem- a lack of familiarity to a casual audience. When my Nan eventually sits down to watch The Last Jedi, she is not going to have any idea who these people are, and perhaps quite rightly. As much as Star Wars is about its expanded universe, the main series films still have to be accessible to a more general audience. Even spin offs, such as Rogue One and the new Kenobi anthology are on thin ice in this regard. Someone shouldn’t be forced to do research to understand a major plot point- that’s simply poor storytelling, and LucasFlim and Disney undoubtedly know this. So, unless the character appears in a live-action movie, they’re not Rey’s parent. 

I hope you enjoyed my list- if you have any other theories or would like to fact check me, please leave a comment below! 

The Last Jedi- Who? What? Why?


So the title for Star Wars episode eight was released yesterday, and the internet, unsurprisingly, went wild with speculation and anticipation for what already sounds like a very brooding chapter of the new Star Wars trilogy.


‘The Last Jedi’… What does it mean? Who is the last Jedi? Why are they the last? All these incredibly obvious questions have been asked and answered all over the inter-web, and many, many people have come forward with their ideas. But here’s mine, for what it’s worth.

We learned in The Force Awakens that, after the defeat of the Empire, and his final battle with Vader and the Emperor, Luke attempted to create a new Jedi Order. We don’t yet know much about what this Order was like, whether it was as blindly stupid/arrogant as the old Jedi Order, or whether this was a new-age of the Jedi with new teachings and new beliefs. However, something obviously wasn’t all too right with the way things were going, because Kylo Ren decided he should slaughter everyone and everything. Great right? Imagine you’re Luke Skywalker; you’ve restored peace to the galaxy, and you’ve brought “balance” to the force, and now your bratty little padawan-nephew decides that “balance” is overrated and that black leather is a really cool look.


I imagine you’d be pretty gutted after seeing everything you’ve rebuilt destroyed, and all your pupils slaughtered, just because you went wrong somewhere with Ben Solo. And so Luke’s self-exile does seem fairly reasonable when you consider the carnage that his nephew caused.

This blame that Luke’s placed upon himself, and the similarity between Kylo-Ren and Anakin Skywalker’s turns to the darkside, makes me think that Luke tried to rebuild the old Jedi order we saw in the prequels. This was the order that taught its members to swallow their emotions and discouraged romantic attachments, which was precisely what pushed Anakin over to the darkside; the users of which are consumed by their emotions rather than controlling them. I think Luke believed that this was the way the Jedi order was supposed to be, probably thanks to the knowledge provided to him by Lor San Tekka (You know… the old guy at the start of TFA), but obviously he made a mistake and history ended up repeating itself in Kylo Ren’s betrayal.

So he gave it all up and retreated to the first Jedi Temple, which is where Rey finds him at the end of The Force Awakens.


Now, after all that preamble I can explain where I think the title “The Last Jedi” comes into it.

Luke Skywalker is the last Jedi. Yes I’m aware that it might mean Rey, and that Jedi can be used as a plural, but in my theory Luke is the referred-to Jedi.

At this point he’s had enough of everything, and he’s spent the last 6 years trying to figure out what went wrong, what he can do, and what is going to happen now. When Rey finds him, I think he’s going to be very reluctant to train her, and to begin with I think he’s going to flat-out refuse, but eventually something will change his mind. Maybe learning about the death of Han will be the trigger, or maybe he might be visited by his old mentors Obi-Wan and Yoda in the form of Force Ghosts? Perhaps we may even see the return of Qui-Gon Jinn? Anyway, whatever convinces him to train her, he won’t train her in the traditional philosophies of the Jedi, and I think that together they’ll learn what balance truly means when it comes to the force.

An example of this is the journey that the character of Kanan is currently on in Star Wars Rebels– he is realising that to follow the light and dark sides of the force exclusively brings unbalance, and that to be truly in tune with the force you have to walk the line between the two.


This isn’t a new concept, in the old expanded universe there was a group known as the Grey Jedi, who did essentially the same thing, but this appears to be the direction that the writers are taking when it comes to force-wielding characters in the canon.

So Luke won’t train Rey to be a Jedi (they’re overrated anyway), he’ll train her to be the first in a new order of force users; an order that focuses less on the clinical approach to the force that the old Jedi had, and instead a more spiritual connection, like Maz Kanata (hint-hint) and The Bendu (Star Wars Rebels). It will be this balance that will allow Rey and Luke to overcome Kylo and the Knights of Ren (great band name), because while Ben Solo is passionately dedicated to the dark-side now that he’s committed patricide, Rey will be able to tap into her emotions but not let them consume her. Luke did the same thing at the end of Return of the Jedi, allowing him to defeat the evil in his father and destroy the Emperor.


So anyway that’s my two cents, take it or leave it, but I really do hope that this is the direction they’re headed in, because it addresses a lot of the Jedi Order’s flaws, explains why Luke allowed another fall of the Jedi, and also prevents history from repeating itself… again.

(On a side note, I now really want The Bendu to make an appearance as Luke’s new mentor, just to have more Tom Baker and that fantastic character)

But what do you think? Am I right? Is the meaning of the title either so simple it doesn’t need explaining or so obtuse that mere mortals couldn’t deduce its true symbolism? Have I thought about this too much?
(Yes, you have. I like it and it would be interesting to see, but I think you have over-thought it. The two of them will be the “Last Jedi”…. at least for a while- Ben)

Please let us know!

Trailer Talks: Star Wars: The Force Awakens



Ben: Oh my God! How amazing is the new trailer?

Lewis: Absolutely fan-fucking-tastic. It was a masterpiece in its own right.

Ben: It was incredible, I got goosebumps.

Lewis: I think I’ve watched it about ten times now, just so I can get chills all over again.

Ben: It was so well done; all three trailers have given us something new without giving anything away.

Lewis: Exactly, JJ Abrams is one sly sonofabitch; he knows what the fans want. I know it’s still just a piece of marketing, so it might not represent the finished product, but Jesus Christ I’m excited

Ben: I couldn’t agree more. Let’s talk favourite bits and predictions.

Lewis: Right, well, just to get it out of the way before we talk about the characters- being the flight nerd I am, the dogfighting scenes just blew me away, I can’t wait to see how they fit in the film.


Ben: There were a lot of in atmosphere dogfights, which were incredible, but they haven’t given much space battle stuff away.

Lewis: No, and to be honest, I’m kind of doubting that there’ll be many of them. Most of the film seems to take place planet-side at the moment.

Ben: If any at all. Apparently the “Starkiller” is planet based, which would make any space stuff pretty irrelevant in what looks like a packed film.

Lewis: From the looks of it that second dogfight we see over a snowy planet is probably an attack they’re making on Starkiller base (it even has a trench and everything).

Ben: Very reminiscent of A New Hope.

Lewis: Indeed! But better to be reminiscent of the original trilogy than… you know…

Ben: Yeah, for sure. As for the music, the use of the slowed “Leia’s theme” was another thing that gave me chills.

Lewis: Best romantic theme ever composed, I just can’t believe how talented John Williams is…
But anyway, onto the characters. So it looks like Rey might be scavenging that downed Star Destroyer we saw in the teaser,


and it looks like BB-8 might actually belong to her? Even though we saw him in Poe’s X-Wing in that dogfighting scene.


Ben: The music was just fantastic. Yeah, is the film her story? Like how the original trilogy is Luke’s?

Lewis: I’m not actually sure at the moment, because Finn’s the one with the lightsaber, but my theory is that maybe she has it, but, during the fight with Kylo Renn, she drops it or is incapacitated, so Finn picks it up and tries to defend her? I don’t know, but I’d be inclined to say that she’s the focus of the story. Also, in the teaser we see a woman handing the lightsaber to someone who looks like Rey.

Ben: Yeah I am thinking a very similar thing. I want to know who the ‘you’ is that they are talking about when discussing the force choosing someone. With regards the Finn/Ren fight, Finn does look like he is shitting himself, perhaps he has picked up the lightsaber to protect someone else…


Lewis: Yeah, his “holy shit I’m gonna die” face is what made me think along those lines too. As for the “you”, apparently the woman speaking is Maz (Lupita Nyong’o) who might be the resident of that fortress we see Han, Rey and Finn walking up to. So my money is inclined to be on her speaking to both of them.

Ben: Fair enough. Speaking of Han, he seems to be the guide for the two younger heroes this time.


Lewis: Yeah, he’s definitely taking on the Obi-Wan role, which leads me to ask, is Han Solo the character lying on the ground who Rey is crying over?

Ben: I think it might be. Could that be why the metal hand reaches out to R2? If it’s Luke it could be a reaction to his best friend’s death.


Lewis: Now that is an interesting idea, I hadn’t thought of that… there’s already been speculation that it’s a funeral. We also haven’t seen C3PO yet.

Ben: No we haven’t, we also haven’t seen anything of Max Von Sydow, who could also be the unfortunate person to die. It was also only in this trailer that we have seen Leia.

Lewis: I’d forgotten about him, but I’d be inclined to say that he might be on Jakku rather than the snowy planet. That embrace between Leia and Han was interesting, it was either an emotional reunion or they were comforting each other about something…


Ben: Yeah that is a fair point, or is it their last moment together before the unfortunate event happens?

Lewis: Hmmmmm, there are so many possibilities it’s almost impossible to guess.
We haven’t talked about the first order yet, they had a lot of screen time this time around.

Ben: One last point before we get to them, it’s interesting how the Jedi and the dark side are legends already, Finn and Rey knew nothing about them.

Lewis: Well 30 years is a long time, and I guess it’s been 50 years total between the present time and the time of the Jedi council. Considering that Rey is on such a barren, outer-rim world, it’s quite believable that the Jedi would have passed into legend, and it doesn’t help that they were destroyed so swiftly. We don’t know that Finn doesn’t know about them though.

Ben: Well even in A New Hope the Jedi were fading into myth and legend. As for the First Order, they had an awful lot of screen time, which brings me to my one and only gripe; I am not the biggest fan of the voice used for Kylo Ren.

Lewis: Well, I assume he’s trying to emulate Vader, who he’s obviously obsessed with. Speaking of Kylo Ren though, we got a glimpse of a group of people who look like they might be the other Knights of Ren.

Ben: Yeah that makes sense, but it is something that could get on my nerves…
And they’re surrounded by dead bodies, I have heard that the Knights of Ren are a group of dark Jedi, but Kylo is the only one with a lightsaber (that we can see anyway).


Lewis: I’m not sure about that, I think they aspire to be Jedi, but yeah, Ren was the only one with a lightsaber out.
That new super weapon they have looks pretty brutal, but I don’t think it’s going to be as powerful as the Death Star.

Ben: I think they are Dark Jedi, the boundaries between Light and Dark could have been blurred. Is that the Star Killer thing? I have heard people saying that is has to be operated from space.


Lewis: That would explain why Kylo Ren is standing on the bridge of a Star Destroyer watching it. It looks pretty epic whatever it is/does. Is there anything else we’ve missed?

Ben: Only the torture of Poe Dameron, which is pretty dark for Star Wars, and the Mandalorian flag which could hint at a return for Boba Fett. There is probably loads we have missed, we could be here all day discussing it.


Lewis: Yeah that was a really intense moment, I hope he gets out of it alright, although I’m inclined to say he does. And yes, there were actually rumours that Max Von Sydow will be playing an older Boba Fett, but I don’t buy that. It’d be really interesting to see an interaction between Han and Boba after 30 years though.

Ben: It was really intense, but is Finn getting him out of captivity when he is dressed as a First Order Stormtrooper?
Part of the brilliance of the trailer is that we still don’t know.
Yeah, I have heard that as well. It is a possibility, but how would Boba Fett fit in? I don’t want him squashed in just for the fan service.

Lewis: Mmmm, maybe they need help, and he’s the baddest motherfucker in the galaxy? I think that Finn is definitely a deserter, but apart from that I have no idea. I think we’re gonna have to cut it off here though, otherwise we’ll be here discussing it until the film comes out.

Ben: See he may well be a deserter, but he could actually be an infiltrator?
Yeah, I suppose everything will become clear in December, but one last thing; very little Luke, which is making me think that Finn and Rey finding him will be the climax, and he will be more heavily involved in the next two films.

Lewis: Well that forest planet set was in Ireland, which is where Mark Hamill was seen filming stuff, so he could very well only come into it towards the end if that planet is the film’s climax. I’m a bit worried they haven’t shown him though, because to me that means that he isn’t the way we remember him…

Ben: Perhaps he has become a Yoda like character? Or perhaps he has become scared of his own ability? Either way, I see it as realistic character development considering what has happened. Yoda said in Return of the Jedi for him to pass on what he has learned, if Luke passed on what he knew and the Knights of Ren formed, perhaps he exiled himself.

Lewis: That’s a very good point, I heard rumours that he’s exiled himself to guard an ancient Sith tomb. There’s no way to know for sure though.

Ben: We will find out in December, there’s not long to wait now.

Lewis: No it’s not long, but it’s still too long. I wish I could be cryogenically frozen until it’s released.

Ben: Well I am quite happy with the trailer, but I’m not going to do anymore reading around the film; the rest will be a complete surprise in December.

Lewis: I think that’s for the best. Who knows what might end up being leaked?

Ben: Exactly.