The Minimum Effort Ep.5: Alien Covenant


In space no one can hear you snore…

Join Ben and Lewis as they take a pretty critical look at Ridley Scott’s latest offering- Alien Covenant, complete with literary references, religious allusions, and flutes.
There’s also a brief rundown of the new War for the Planet of the Apes, Dunkirk, and the Emoji Movie trailers.


Kill The Moon


CombinedpicLewis: So, what did you think of Dr Who then?

Ben: I don’t know, I thought it was a bit stupid to be honest… for all the build up that egg thing really didn’t pay off. And Clara’s temper tantrum was pretty irritating as well

Lewis: Yeah I thought it was a bit naff too, to be honest. She really pissed me off as well, I mean, I know the Dr isn’t the best at explaining his intentions, but there’s no need to be so whiny about it.

Ben: Yeah, the series has been building up to her having a tantrum, it came sort of unexpectedly though. She always wants more responsibility but when she is given it this happens. It is essentially the start of her exit from the series really.

Lewis: I wasn’t expecting it to be in this episode though and I’m still really hoping that the mouthy girl isn’t going to be the new assistant.

Ben: She might not be through with the doctor yet though, I can’t image them ending it like that. I think we’re all praying that doesn’t happen.

Lewis: She won’t be leaving yet, and it won’t end like that if she does, they still haven’t tied up some of the mysteries about her.
I don’t know if I’m being whiny, but I really wasn’t happy about those spiders, I thought they were really shitty combinations of Face-huggers and Xenomorphs in ‘Alien’.

Ben: Hmmm, I think they could have been used much more. They were there for a bit and then we never heard about them again.

Lewis: Yeah, even if they were a bit crap, they were pretty under-used. Although I guess they were what made them realise that the moon was an egg in the first place…
However, it seemed like their sole purpose was to kill off the secondary characters.


Ben: I don’t think it was a bad episode, I just think it had it had its priorities wrong. It seemed to be so focused on getting to the temper tantrum that the actual story was pushed to the side lines.

Lewis: Yeah, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there. One thing I really did like about it was the comments on how humanity had given up on space travel, which is a very real problem we might face.

Ben: Why thank you. I think it started very well but as with a lot of the episodes it seemed to lose its way. This series had a lot to say about what is going on in the world, a lot more than any other series I can remember.

Lewis: Yeah, which I’ll admit hasn’t worked in some cases, but in others it adds more to the story and its relevance.

Ben: I concur, again.

Lewis: One other picky thing though, if the moon was breaking apart, then why on earth would you detonate every last nuke? Surely that would just speed up the process? And I know it’s probably to prevent large debris hitting the Earth, but I’m fairly sure that wouldn’t work.

Ben: Yeah, I would have said that it would be to stop large debris. But it would actually cause huge amounts of nuclear fall-out because it would all get pulled back to Earth. I think we might be being a bit too literal though…

Lewis: You may be right, but it feels like they just thought of the most over-used, clichéd, action movie resolution and whacked it in there as a potential ‘deus ex machina’

Ben: I get what you mean; it does seem a bit cheap.

Lewis: Well, hopefully the next episode will be an improvement, but we shall have to wait and see.