Happy Anniversary, dear



Well, well, well, well, well…

One year, huh? I have to admit, I wasn’t sure whether we’d still be doing this after a month, let alone a year… but here we are.

I remember it like it was yesterday…

*Insert shimmery flashback filter and harp music*

-Cuts to three teenagers sitting in a reggae bar in Stratford-

Last summer, before an outdoor viewing of Reservoir Dogs, I asked Ben and another friend whether they wanted to help me make a blog that we could use to; A) act as a creative outlet for our boredom, and B) engage with other people about shared interests. Ben was immediately enthusiastic about it (our other friend less so, but maybe they’ll contribute something in the future). I’ll be honest, if it weren’t for Ben pressuring me to write and edit our content, almost half of it wouldn’t see the light of day. So I think our partnership was a good idea; the blog wouldn’t be possible without him.

(dry your eyes, Ben. It’s unprofessional to get sentimental too often)

Obviously we’ve had people help us out; Alex joined us for a couple of very popular pieces, and Connor will occasionally pop up from the woodwork to offer articles about some of the strangest movies I’ve never heard of.

We also had some fun with Pete and Ben making the podcasts, even if the discussions became stupidly heated and heatedly stupid on a number of occasions. It was all in good fun of course, even if they were wrong almost all the time, and we’ll hopefully see the return of them soon enough. A promise that I’m both keen and not so keen to fulfill, since the podcasts were incredibly fun to film, but incredibly not so fun to edit, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Last, but not least, we had a couple of collaborations with Michael of Four Eyes Productions (yes, a couple, I just haven’t finished editing the other yet…). We’ll definitely be doing more of that in the future; I don’t think we’ve ever had a more agreeable “fight” about films.

All in all, I think we’ve come a long way since we set out to put a stop to our summer boredom, even if we haven’t yet reached the level of content or quality we want to get to. We will get there though, even if it means slogging through another year before we do. More podcasts, more trailer talks, more articles and, hopefully, a few more people willing to help us out.

Thank you all for your support this past year, and I hope that in the following months we can produce at least one piece of content that either makes you laugh, sparks a discussion, or gets you interested in something new.

The next year’s gonna be a good’un!




Hi there, and welcome to our new blog-thingy, ‘The Minimum Effort’. We’ve decided to start this up as a way to prevent the boredom of a student’s summer (This is our first one and it’s already soul-destroying), and also to have some fun at the same time. My name’s Lewis and my friends/co-writers are Ben and Martha. We’ll be the team for now, although we might have some other people joining us if they can be bothered. The problem is that they actually have a life.

Anyway, on this blog we’ll be reviewing films, books, TV shows, and just writing articles about anything that we want to really. It’s more a creative outlet than anything else, but if you like (or dislike) anything we say or do, let us know. We respond well to negative criticism, and nothing motivates us more than being told we’re a bunch of idiots. So have fun!

Well, that’s the introduction out-of-the-way, so for now I’ll say goodbye and I’ll see you when I actually finish a piece of writing.