Rebels Review: S3E3 “The Antilles Extraction”



Lewis: So Star Wars Rebels continues with another great episode, and to be honest it’s my favourite episode of season three so far.

Ben: Yeah, this time Sabine is sent off on a mission to help a group of Imperial Academy cadets defect to the Rebellion, while Ezra and Kanan wait to extract them.


Lewis: It’s nice to see one of the other crew members get a solo mission and show off what they can do- we haven’t had an episode like this for a while…

Ben: I did appreciate the step away from the Jedi story line, because, as interesting as it is, the other characters need their time in the spotlight.

Lewis: Exactly, otherwise it feels like they don’t really have a chance to show off their skills and are just left as supporting characters in the Ezra-show. I’d forgotten how badass Sabine was in all honesty.

Ben: She did pretty well for herself, and even though the escape plans were a little weak, she more than made up for it by kicking the crap out of Governor Pryce.

Lewis: I really liked that moment, that was probably the best bit of hand to hand we’ve seen in a while on Rebels. And I agree; the escape plans were a little too simple.
Going back to talking about Ezra, they seemed eager to show that he’s not taking the stress of command very well.

Ben: Yes that seems to be a progressing storyline- I guess because it’s an easy way to show how he feels about the other characters, and makes the strain on his relationship with Kanan very clear.

Lewis: I think he’ll pull it together as the season goes on. So how about the other characters in this episode? One of our favourite chaps in the Star Wars universe made his debut…


Ben: Ah man I love Wedge Antilles. He’s such an ordinary bloke, and grounds the entire story quite nicely. I enjoyed young Wedge as much as I thought I would.

Lewis: He was definitely the highlight of the episode… I’m still not a fan of them changing his backstory, but it does make sense from a story telling perspective. I also enjoyed them chucking Hobbie Klivian in the mix too.

Ben: I get why they changed it, it’s far simpler to make him an academy defector than go into his smuggler story. I feel bad for the other guy though; as soon as I didn’t recognise the name I knew he was going to die. Putting Hobbie in as well as wedge really strengthens the link between Rebels and the OT.


Lewis: I think a lot of people who’ve read the X-Wing comics and books, and anyone who plays the tabletop game, would’ve really appreciated this episode. In particular the inclusion of a villain who was obviously meant to be Soontir Fel (British accent, sweet moustache, and flies an interceptor with red stripes on the wings). I think they could make a spin-off of Rebels that follows Wedge and the rest of Red squadron- that would be awesome.

Ben: Ah see with my limited knowledge of the EU or legends, whichever you prefer, that reference went well over my head.


Lewis: It’s a pretty good reference to be honest. Soontir Fel was an imperial ace who was a bit of a nemesis of Rogue Squadron. In the end he joined the Rebels though and married Wedge’s sister, so there could be an interesting storyline ahead… I really want them to do that Red Squadron show now.

Ben: The Red/Rogue squadron would make a really interesting TV show. Maybe Dave’s next project?

Lewis: So Sabine manages to get Wedge and Hobbie out, but she needs a little help from Agent Kallus along the way- what do you make of him now? (I have a theory about him)

Ben: That was a nice little call back to the events of season 2, and I thought he might defect and go with them, but maybe in the future. Go on then, what is the latest theory?

Lewis: Well we were introduced to a new “Fulcrum” at the beginning of the episode, who was the person that gave the Rebels the information that there were academy pilots who wanted to defect, and the voice sounded a bit familiar to me. Then Kallus turns up at the facility, and conducts an investigation, but he’s just like “Defectors? Here? Naahhhhh don’t worry about it Pryce, that’s impossible. I’ve had a look and couldn’t find anything”, but I’m certain he would have been able to find at least a rumour about a defection. Then he lets them go as well as giving them vital information about their best escape route. Now, he claims it was to get even with Zeb, but I think this was just to throw them off the scent. I went back and re-watched the Fulcrum scene and I almost certain that Kallus is the new Fulcrum. They sound similar but their speech patterns are almost identical. Anyway, that’s my theory…

Unless of course it’s just the same voice actor

Ben: That is an interesting idea, I would buy that. Also, letting them go under the pretence of repaying Zeb keeps his cover intact.


Lewis: Exactly, it gives him deniability.The other hints of him being dissatisfied with the Empire (and Thrawn) are a big clue too. I think Thrawn will eventually ask him to do something that would result in a bunch of civilian deaths or something like that, and he’ll decide that enough is enough and defect.

Ben: That isn’t a bad shout. We already know that Thrawn doesn’t mind civilian casualties from his introduction in episode one, so I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if that did happen.

Lewis: They did make a point to bring that up, and Kallus was actually the one to point it out. Although if Thrawn’s detective skills are anything like they are in the EU he may already suspect Kallus of being a defector. Anyway, is there anything we’ve missed that was in this episode?

Ben: I suppose that is true, Kallas might try to defect and end up in Thrawn’s trap. I don’t think so, pretty sure we got everything.

Lewis: Excellent I’m enjoying this season so far- it’s interesting and fun to see the Rebellion growing. However, I want more Thrawn.

Ben: I agree, we will probably get a bit more of him over the coming episodes.


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