Game of Thrones S6E01: The Red Woman


Hi all, this season of Game of Thrones we’ve decided to give each episode a quick review and go over what happened in a brief recap. So if you’ve missed a few episodes or need a refresher to remember what happened last week, A) How on Earth is your memory that bad?, and B) This is the place you’ve been looking for.



So let’s begin at the beginning, here are our thoughts on the events of episode one, “The Red Woman”-

Ben: So we start at the Wall, and Jon.

Lewis: Indeed, lying in a pool of his own blood, and really, really dead… I was glad they began with this because it was obviously the one thing people cared about.



Ben: He’s 100% dead… and for the moment shut up in a room with Ghost and a few brothers. And yeah, this is really the only thing people care about because he is one of the few good guys left in the series. I still think the Red Woman could do something though.

Lewis: Oh she’s definitely got something up her old-lady-wrinkle-sleeves, but I guess we’ll come to that later on.


I’m really glad Ser Davos is being so awesome though, he’s probably one of my favourite characters right now, but, as it usually does in GoT, that probably means he’s going to die soon.

Ben: Oh yes, that last scene with her in front of the mirror was a bit of a shock. I do like Davos, he is definitely one of the most likable characters left in it.


Lewis: It seems like we’re desperately running out of sane, normal people in Westeros, which is worrying.
So Jon’s friend is going to fetch the wildlings, which I imagine is going to result in a pretty sweet battle and Thorne is going get his head torn off?

Ben: Thorne has got to die, we need to see at least a bit of retribution for Jon’s death. But the Wildlings fighting with the Nightswatch will just allow the Wights back in.

Lewis: That’s true, and I do hope they band together to hold off the Wight Walkers, but since this is Game of Thrones I’m sure it will end in a giant clusterfuck. So after we’ve seen Jon dead, we move on to… (I can’t remember)

Ben: Agreed, Westeros is not a nice play to be; they are all going to die. Next we have King’s Landing or Winterfell?

Lewis: Let’s do Winterfell to begin with, and bloody Brienne of Tarth being a bloody hero again.

Ben: To be fair I am happy about her being a hero this time, I was actually pleased to see her. I mean it was telegraphed, I could see it coming a mile away, but it was good to see the good guys win for once.

Lewis: I have to admit that I was glad she turned up, but I’m never going to forgive her for what she did to the Hound. And yeah, it was nice to see Sansa and Theon saved, and it was also pretty nice to see Ramsey upset. I wonder whether they’re still going to go north to meet up with Jon like Theon suggested?


Ben: Don’t worry, I haven’t forgiven and nor will I forget. I wonder what Ramsey will do next? I reckon Roose’s wife is on his hit-list.
As for Sansa and co., I reckon they’ll go north and then get killed by the Wight…

Lewis: Jeez, surely someone has to survive? I think the Starks will reclaim the north somehow, especially since The Red Woman had a vision of Jon fighting at Winterfell. Ramsey doesn’t appear to be in anyone’s good books at the moment, and no one is really ever in his… There’s going to a lot of unrest in the north pretty soon I think.
Well, I suppose we should move down to the events of Kings Landing?

Ben: I just want all the bad guys to die, is that too much to ask? Yeah can do, Cersei and Jamie suffering the aftermath of their daughter’s death.

Lewis: In the world of GoT that’s a big request.
It would be a tragedy if it happened to anyone else’s daughter, but I really don’t feel sorry for Cersei at all. I feel bad for Marcella and Jamie, but not her.

Ben: The last few episodes have shown a different side to Cersei, which has been quite nice to see. I do feel a bit bad for Jamie.

Lewis: She’s only feeling sorry for herself, she hasn’t done anything that warrants a redemption to be honest. And Jamie, even if he is a bit of a weird bastard sometimes, has usually stayed on the moral side of things.

Ben: That is true, but don’t worry I still hate Cersei; that has not, and will not, change.


Lewis: Good, she deserves everything she’s getting.
Moving onto the murderer’s side of things, that coup in Dorn is going to upset some people…

Ben: The coup is an unfortunate turn of events, it also seems a bit rushed in comparison to what else is going on. It has taken less than a season for a prince to killed; if this were happening anywhere else it would have taken about 3 seasons to build up to it.

Lewis: That’s true, but at this point the plot in Dorn is really just a side-thing, so it would be too drawn out if they built up those characters as much as the others. I don’t really care about any of them to be honest, and the three sisters really aren’t very good characters at all.

Ben: I can’t argue with that, and I suppose you are right about the Dorn sub plot; as long as they kill some Lannisters I don’t really care.

Lewis: So we also have Daenerys being captured by a bunch of Dothraki comedians? (Seriously, I thought they were meant to be quite serious warriors?)

Ben: Ah yes, more time wasting with the Dothraki. It made for a decent sequence to see how she has developed as a character over 6 years, but to be honest I am getting pretty bored with it now. I just want her to get involved in what is really important over in Westeros.

Lewis: She’s just milling about, getting stuck in the mud of politics which, to be fair, is something she needs to learn to go if she’s going to be a good queen. This storyline is pretty much her training to be queen, and I can’t think of any two better people to help her than Tyrion and Varys. Do you think she’ll become a good ruler?


Ben: That’s true but you can’t deny that it’s getting a bit dull now. It kicked off at the end of the last season only to get immediately stuck in the mud again. Her becoming a good ruler is what they are building up to, so I hope she is just for Tyrion’s sake; I want him to do well.

Lewis: Oh I agree with you there, it’s still not really going anywhere, but I’ll be happy if Tyrion makes it.
I’m liking the little bro-road trip Mormont and Daario are going on though.

Ben: I like Jorah, I know he is a bit wet in the books but he comes off well in the TV series… I hope he doesn’t die of grey scale.

Lewis: I hope he survives too. He was probably my favourite character for a good while, but he’s been side-lined for the past season or so, which is a shame.
So finally we come to Arya and her Daredevil-style training.

Ben: Ah yes, a classic Stark story line where everything goes wrong.

Lewis: They don’t have the best luck, do they? Although it looks like she’s going to become some blind badass assassin which would be awesome.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s everything that happened right?

Ben: I am pretty sure that is all that happened, yeah.

Lewis: Ok cool. So, overall, what did you think of this episode?

Ben: It was good, held my attention well and is setting up quite a lot to happen in the rest of the season. You?

Lewis: I really enjoyed it, gave us a nice reintroduction to what the characters were doing, and where it might go in the future. I thought it was a solid opener. Now we just have to wait and see what The Red Woman is going to do, and also whether than Amulet of hers is going to have something to do with resurrecting Jon.

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