Benportrait1So this is it, my first review of the year, and I am kicking it off with Deadpool. I am going to try and keep this short and to the point, as you probably have better things to be getting on with and I have a dissertation to write. So enough with the introduction and on with the review, which, by the way, I will keep spoiler free.


I really enjoyed this film, it is only the 14th of February but it could end up being my favourite film of the year. If you remember back to our trailer review I was a bit sceptical… I felt, at the time that, and I quote, ‘he could possibly become tiresome during an hour-and-a-half-long film’.

I was wrong.

Straight off the bat you know what you are getting with Deadpool. The opening credits contain the first nuggets of mockery that fill the rest of the 1 hour 48 minute run time. The cast are described by the tropes that have come part-and-parcel with modern superhero films; ‘A British Villain’, ‘A CGI Character’ and ‘The Comic Relief’ to name a few. Deadpool isn’t your standard hero, and this isn’t your standard Superhero movie; I feel the opening encapsulated the character perfectly.

Thank God the film got 15 (or R rating depending on where you are from), because boy do they make the most of it. It’s rubbed in our faces from the get go and all credit to them for doing it, plenty of blood, violence and swearing to keep you going. Yeah, it may be a bit of the top depending on where you stand, but I enjoyed it. While I am on the subject of the action, there is plenty of jumpy-flippy-fighty stuff, so I guess if you like that kind of thing you’re set, but in all seriousness the fight scenes are well choreographed and, in classic Deadpool style, they are fun. Occasionally the flips and the jumps are a bit too reliant on CGI, and I won’t say it takes away from the film, but it is noticeable at times.


The two X-men included in the film fit well, and it will be interesting to see whether the cross-over will move the other way in the future, with Deadpool moving into the X-men films.

The meta-humour is pretty relentless (“relentless” is the wrong word, maybe “regular”? Well, it’s relentless in a good way), but most importantly it is funny. We all knew the film would have to try and be funny, and thankfully it succeeded. I felt that 99% of the jokes struck home, and the 1% that didn’t came down to due to my limited 90’s knowledge (I was born in ‘95 give me a break). The 4th wall is frequently broken, and they even throw in a 4th wall break within a 4th wall break, a 16th wall break, if you will (all credit it goes to the ‘Real Heroes’ for that one). Even the end credit scene, yes there is one, so stay in your seat, is a suitably Deadpool.

The stakes in the film are perfect; Deadpool wouldn’t work in a save-the-world-style Avengers film where the odds are as high as they can get. The plot is a simple, and effective, origins story that even your Nan would understand. No, wait! Do not take your Nan to this film… or do if you like, but if she is anything like my Nan, please record her reaction and post it somewhere.

So to round up the good, I think Deadpool is a well written, quick, fun, and well finished film that is a breath of fresh air which livens up a quickly stagnating Superhero genre.  In my rounding up of the good, you must know that there could be a bad, and for me it lies and the end-credit scene; while being a nice Ferris Bueller inspired sequence, it alludes to a sequel. I’m not sure there should be a Deadpool sequel; I would love to see the character move into the X-men films, but I think that Deadpool II (or whatever they would end up calling it) would become irritating, and I am not really sure where they would take the character from here, and considering Fox’s track record I fear over involvement from the studio. I will probably be wrong and the inevitable sequel will be ok. Also, some of the CGI is a bit weak, but on the whole I really can’t complain about it… I mean, it is a hell of a lot better than Green Lantern.

So that bring the review to an end, if you agree, disagree or think I have missed something let us know in the comments below!


– Ben