Glastonbury 2015: The TV Coverage



Lewis: Do you want to kick off?

Ben: I can indeed. How good were The Who!

Lewis: I can’t believe how good they were, even after 50 years of being one of the biggest rock bands around. The sound they created was incredible.

Ben: They were incredible. Their set was amazing and the crowd responded… it looked like a great atmosphere.

Lewis: Everybody knows at least two Who songs; that’s a universal law. It looked like everybody in that crowd were the biggest Who fans in the world for a night, which was fantastic. I’m a little annoyed that they cut about 4 songs for the TV coverage, including my favourite ‘Love Reign O’er Me’, but hey-ho…

Ben: Even I do, I know 4 or 5 songs and I think the more you know the better the set. I am a bit disappointed by the cuts; the coverage seemed a lot better last year.

Lewis: I didn’t really watch much of last year, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to. Apparently there was a lot of banter between Daltrey and Townshend that was cut out, which is a shame too. However, what they left in was brilliant anyway. That final performance of “Won’t Get Fooled Again”… I have no words for how awesome it was. I was so happy they decided to do the full version.

Ben: I seem to remember a lot more full length sets. It does take away something, but I guess they can’t show everything. My favourite part was of the entire festival was the Kanye dig. Who’s the greatest rockstar of all time? Definitely not Kanye that is for sure.

Lewis: “I think that’s probably Elvis Presley, isn’t it?” Brilliant.
His set was so awful… the actual stage setup was pretty cool, but what the whole thing boils down to is some guy who can’t sing using a stage as a masturbatory aid for his inflated ego.

Ben: I didn’t watch it, but he comes across as that sort of bellend. I heard he did something to Bohemian Rhapsody, and there was the gate crashing Lee Nelson.

Lewis: He started singing it completely out of tune for a line, then forgot the rest of the words so tried to get the crowd to sing it… I didn’t see the Lee Nelson incident, and I’m not sure how I feel about it; mainly because they’ve both been bellends at different times. There was a moment during “Touch the Sky” when he got in a scissor lift to raise him up above the stage, and it stopped the song dead for a whole two minutes while the crowd waited for him to get up there, only for the song to start again. Only this time he was wetting himself holding onto the railing for dear life while trying to sing or rap or whatever he does. It completely ruined the pace of the set.

Ben: Yeah, while he was dicking about Suede were killing.

Lewis: I have to admit, I don’t really know much about Suede, but after the first couple of songs they really started to put their all into the set which was very impressive to watch. You’re probably more qualified to talk about them though.

Ben: Yeah well following numerous hours listening to numerous 90s playlists I have heard quite a lot of their stuff. The energy they put in was incredibly intoxicating, I was loving every minute of it. To start with “Animal Nitrate” and end with “Beautiful Ones”. For me it one of the best sets of the festival this year.

Lewis: You heard it folks, Ben hath spoken.
I’ll agree with you about the energy; it was really great to watch. However it doesn’t reach the level of The Who for me.

Ben: I think that comes down to the music you prefer. Like I said earlier, I like The Who but I have really got into Britpop/rock over the last few months, so Suede have the edge.

Lewis: That’s fair enough, I have a lot of love for 90s Brit rock but The Who top it for me. Speaking of energy though, how about Lionel Richie?

Ben: Another legend who showed Kanye how it is done.

Lewis: Exactly. He looked so happy to be there, and the crowd interaction was just great.

Ben: That’s always one of the highlights, the Sunday Sing along. He did indeed look like he was loving every minute of it.

Lewis: The crowd did too. Another artist who actually cares about whether the crowd are enjoying themselves.

Ben: Rather than just enlarging their own ego…

Lewis: Yeah, not naming any names of course… I also saw a little bit of the Franz Ferdinand and Sparks collab, as well as Deadmaus, and The Chemical Brothers. They all looked pretty solid, FFS in particular looked like a fun gig!

Ben: Of course. Yeah I had the red button coverage on most of the weekend and saw little bits of a lot of acts. I heard good things about FFS, George Ezra was solid, as was Hoozier, and the Courteeners looked pretty good.

Lewis: Florence and The Machine were as energetic and fun as usual too. To be honest, I really haven’t heard anything particularly negative about this year. Apart from the usual personal gripes about artists.

Ben: I’m not the biggest Florence fan, I would have preferred to have seen the Foo Fighters.
Yeah I haven’t heard anything negative (except for a certain individual). Solid festival as ever I feel.

Lewis: Definitely. I’m almost certainly going to be re-watching at least a couple of acts in the next few days, and waiting for a video of the cut “Love Reign O’er Me” to be put up on YouTube by somebody.

Ben: For sure. I still have a couple of things to see when I have the time. Anything else to add?

Lewis: Nah, I think I’m good.

Ben: Sweet. A good weekend sat in front of the tele.

Lewis: Doesn’t get much better than that!

Thanks for reading, and if you want to share your thoughts on the weekend, whether you were there yourself or watched it on the TV like us, please leave a comment down below. All the acts can be seen on BBC iPlayer, and we highly recommend you find the time to watch them.


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