“It’s 2060, that’s not the kind of world we live in” – Thunderbirds are Go


CombinedpicIf you hadn’t realised already, Lewis and I are big kids, so when we heard that ‘Thunderbirds’ was being brought back, you can imagine our excitement. The first episode of the new-look-computer-generated ‘Thunderbirds’ was shown on the 4th April, and I can’t think of a better time to write one of our classic combined reviews. Enjoy…


Ben: So… ‘Thunderbirds’

Lewis: You didn’t like it, did you?

Ben: Actually I quite enjoyed it. It wasn’t as good as the original, but still good.

Lewis: Oh good. I wasn’t sure whether you’d be a fan of the faster, more Americanised pace. I really enjoyed it too.

Ben: No, no, I liked it. I especially liked the use of the original Jeff Tracy Voice for the opening title. However it did get on my nerves when they used it over and over. I also don’t like moody teenager Alan.

Lewis: Yeah, that repetition bugged me a little bit too, but I reasoned that it was due to the fact it was two episodes stuck together, and so if they were separate it wouldn’t be repeated as much. I didn’t mind Alan too much actually… He was miles better than the 2004 movie version…

I also really liked that they kept the brothers’ personalities kinda the same, even if they were a little more exaggerated. John has finally had a breakthrough in his career too. Looks like he’s the temporary leader.

New-look Thunderbirds

Ben: I agree that Alan is a million miles better than before but they were still touching on the teenage angst early on in the episode, when he was going on about not getting proper missions, and I was a bit scared they would follow the movie root.

Yeah, at long last John is getting involved. Scott was always meant to replace Jeff though.

One of my favourite bits was the “I almost missed my favourite show” and the TV was showing Stingray. Loved that reference.

Lewis: Well even in the original series Alan often complained about being left out of some missions, they’re just making a bigger plot point out of it I guess. I do feel like it should be Scott calling the shots, but it does make sense for John to do it, considering he’s in a position where he can see everything. I also liked the brotherly-banter between Scott and Virgil. That was a nice touch.

Ben: I don’t remember that as much in the original, but I will concede the point considering it was rectified over the hour of the episode. Yeah I agree with all of that, it definitely worked a lot better than the live action film. The fact I can’t think of much that is wrong with it can only be a good thing.

However, there was a distinct lack of things blowing up/catching fire. It isn’t Thunderbirds unless something explodes.

Lewis: You know, I was thinking about that late last night, there definitely wasn’t enough explosions. Hopefully that’ll change in future episodes. So, moving on from the characters, what did you think of the Thunderbirds machines?


Ben: There was a perfect opportunity for an explosion early in the episode, when the car went off the road within the first 3 minutes. Yeah, the machines all look pretty solid. It helps that they haven’t changed much from the original (except for 5).

Lewis: Yeah, as it happened I was willing it with all my strength to end up exploding. I’m pretty ok with the modifications they’ve made to the craft, and they all look suitably futuristic. What about the Hood? He’s looking very suave these days…

Ben: Yeah, they have managed to update it for the kids while managing to appease grumpy old men like myself. I haven’t seen enough of him yet. They have dropped the slightly (very) racist foreign accent though.

Lewis: Which is probably a good move on their part. Have you heard that they’re gonna be remaking some of the old episodes? I’m looking forward to a ‘Trapped in the Sky’ remake. That was always my favourite episode.

Ben: Yeah… not very suitable….

That would be pretty epic, there are plenty of great episodes to choose from. We haven’t discussed the quite obvious arc of this series…. Finding Jeff (sounds like the next ‘Finding Nemo’ sequel).

Lewis: I would watch that film.

Now, I thought that finding him would be a fairly big plot point (especially if Gordon is willing to risk the mission to do it), but apparently the people in charge have said that Jeff Tracy won’t be appearing for at least two seasons, and that’s if he does at all.

Ben: Oh really? I wasn’t aware of that. It will definitely be a running theme throughout the show, at least until they get an answer. Saying that, I think it works without him. The dynamic has changed, which also means you can’t compare it to the original, and that is good thing for both versions.

Lewis: Very true, it gives the brothers a chance to run things themselves, and while John seems to be leading them they are all making their own decisions at one point or another. One thing I forgot to mention was the very British script. I liked that the humour and dialogue was similar to the old one, which is one of the reasons why I honestly think it’s a damn good update on the show.

Ben: A perfect closing statement.

And that’s that. That was our review of the first episode of the new ‘Thunderbirds are Go’ series. But what did you think? Give us a shout in our comments section. And don’t forget about our Facebook and Twitter pages. We are also on YouTube and Mix cloud. So please give us a follow and check out our videos and other content made especially for you. (Pure cheese, Ben. I like it- Lewis)


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