Jurassic World


Well, here it is, our opinion piece on the ‘Jurassic World’ trailer. It’s a little late, but we thought we should release it anyway. If you have any opinions on our opinions, or on the trailer itself, please leave a comment.


Lewis: I’m not really sure where I stand on this one.

Ben: I think it starts off really well

Lewis: Yeah, I’ll agree with you there, it looks brilliant until they reach the genetically altered dinosaur bit.


Ben: That’s what I was thinking… The fact they have the park open now is brilliant, but I’m not sure about the genetically-altered bit. I think they’re trying to follow the initial idea from the first film with the whole ‘man playing God’ idea. Also, in order for them to show the development of the park, they had to let it open, and in order for it to be open it had to be safe, which rules out the Tyrannosaurs and ‘Raptors being the ‘bad guys’, leaving them with the genetically-modified-dinosaur option.

Lewis: Very true, sir. You can see near the end of the trailer that it looks like they’ve trained the ‘Raptors to help Chris Pratt out like a pack of hunting dogs or something along those lines. Obviously I understand that it’s a sci-fi film, so I shouldn’t really be complaining about realism, but for some reason I just don’t like the direction they’ve taken things. And you’re right; it’s definitely going after the ‘Playing God’ angle. Now that they have the dinosaurs under control they got too cocky and their arrogance gets the better of them.


Ben: I really dislike the whole sea world ‘let’s train the ‘Raptors to work with Chris Pratt’ thing. Pratt’s Character seems to be a merge of Muldoon and Dr Alan Grant (Sam Neill) from the first film, which is hardly original. You can tell what is probably going to happen; firstly, the GM dinosaur will start killing people, then kill a Tyrannosaurus (which is the filmmakers’ way of telling us this new creature is a badass), then more people will die,  then Chris Pratt and the ‘Raptors will kill it and all will be good again…

Lewis: You’re probably right, and Chris Pratt’s character is definitely the clichéd action-adventurer, but I honestly still think the film will be good. It’s Jurassic Park (World), how couldn’t it be?

Ben: I’m not convinced that it will be anything better than average. The Jurassic Park franchise is one of the prime examples of sequels that never should have happened. And, like another set of films that never should have happened (Star Wars), I think a huge over reliance on CGI will prevent a proper story developing.

Lewis: I’m hopeful about the storyline, as I don’t think they would let a movie this big that stems from such a classic be less than average. Admittedly, the odds are against me (with Star Wars as a prime example), but I’m trying to be optimistic. Who knows, maybe Universal were so obsessed about whether or not they COULD make a new Jurassic Park movie, that they never stopped to think if they SHOULD? (Do you like the reference?)

Ben: Very good. The thing is you say that, but Universal let Jeff Goldblum loose in Jurassic Park 2 (an actor whose success I can’t understand,  since he just plays himself over and over), and Jurassic Park 3… Well, the less said about that the better. Those two films tarnished the first. Perhaps I’m being too much of a cynic, but with the multi-part finales (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, The Hobbit etc.), can you blame me for thinking that this is just another money making scheme?

Lewis: Nah I don’t blame you for being cynical, I’m trying very hard not to be (which goes against my very nature), but the second Jurassic Park wasn’t THAT bad! And as for Jeff Goldblum, he’s great.
With most films these days being remakes, crappy sequels or dull originals, it’s tough to be optimistic about any of them. But I honestly think it’ll be alright. It’s not going to be original Jurassic Park standard, but you can’t really expect it to be.

Ben: Quite right. I think the best endorsement I can give it is that when it comes out; I will go and watch it.

Lewis: Same here, we’d be stupid not to!


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