Ben: Do you want to do a short joint-post about the new Star Wars trailer?

Lewis: Hell to the yeah I do.

Ben: Ok cool, shall I start?

Lewis: Go for it.

Ben: I didn’t see what all the hype was about; to me it just looks like they are reusing old ideas. 30/40 years have supposedly passed, so why are they still using X-Wings and Tie Fighters? I wanted to see new cool stuff. I mean, let Han keep the Falcon and Luke his X-Wing, but surely there should have been some development? To me it seems like they are clinging to the older films in order to appease fans… bit of a rant, but I want new stuff.

Lewis: I do get where you’re coming from, and there was a little bit of new stuff (that spherical droid for instance), but what I got from it was that the galaxy had gone to shit during the civil war, and so they really didn’t have the resources or ability to create new technology. It looks like the war is still going on 40 years later?


Ben: Yeah, I suppose you’re right there, I got that impression with the Stormtroopers popping back up again. To be fair it was only 88 seconds long, so we can’t really get a full idea of the film until the next one is released. One thing I’m not too keen on is the title though.

Lewis: Yeah the title is a little… cheesy for me (although, to be fair, the old ones were just as bad). And I totally agree, 88 seconds is definitely not long enough to get a good idea of a movie. It’s better than the 16 seconds that Jurassic World got though!

Ben: Going off topic, but did you see the full trailer they released?

Lewis: I did see it yeah, it looks fairly good.

Ben: We’ll have to do a piece on that. What did you think of the Sith lightsaber we saw? I quite liked the design.


Lewis: I’m not too sure about that lightsaber, and I know there’s a lot of bitching and moaning going on around the internet about the cross-guard, but I agree with the moaners, it looks way too dangerous to be useful.

Ben: I quite like it, I can imagine it may be fairly risky to use, but it depends on how the fights are choreographed…

Lewis: Very true! I like the way it looked all unstable too, like it’s a really crudely made one (Which would play into the galaxy-gone-to-shit idea). Although, someone hypothesised that it could be an old Sith Lord reawakened, which would explain the “There has been an awakening” quote.

Simon: At the end of the of the voiceover there’s a mention of the light-side being awoken too, which could mean that something new is going to happen on the light-side of the force, as well as the Sith returning on the dark-side. I also liked the new lightsaber design too.

Lewis: … That’s a good point; I wondered why they made the light-side seem like a new development… Ben, who was that?

Ben: Sorry, that was my dad.

Lewis: Well that was unexpected, but thanks for the contribution, Simon!

Ben: Well, the new Falcon they showed was really cool, but I wasn’t keen on the TIE Fighters. I don’t know why, I just got really excited seeing the Falcon and then irritated when the TIE Fighters show up…


Lewis: That was a really cool shot! I went full fan-boy when it cut to it. I also loved the X-Wing clip; they’re definitely one of my favourite parts of the Star Wars universe. I just hope the dogfights are as good as the original trilogy’s scenes, if not better.


Ben: All in all it looks to be a pretty promising film.

Lewis: Ben, if it doesn’t have Jar-Jar in it, it could very well be the best movie ever made.

So those are our initial thoughts, let us know if you have something to add or a name to call us. And keep a look out for our thoughts on the trailer for ‘Jurassic World’.

-Ben and Lewis


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