In the Forest of the Night


CombinedpicSo this is our second Doctor Who episode review within a week, you lucky people. Sorry the last one was a bit later than normal, but attempting to juggle coursework, lectures, writing, sport and boozing is a lot harder than it sounds. I suppose you sort of know what to expect now. If you disagree with us feel free to comment and tell us what you think. Cheers, Ben

Ben: Shall we move onto to the forest one?

Lewis: “Tiger, tiger, burning bright, in the forest of the night”… I really liked the Blake reference.

Ben: I probably disliked this one more than the last one. Yet again I think it’s a priorities issue coupled with a tiger being scared by a torch… seriously… a torch?

Lewis: I definitely understand your point of view about the torch. It was one of the more light-hearted ones, which really didn’t work when they tried to make it look like it was the end of the world. All the gravity of the situation was taken away by the jokes and style of writing.

Ben: I think I might have to watch it again (I didn’t, but can you blame me?), but I really struggled to get to grips with this one. I thought it was trying to shove an environmental ideal on me with all that crap about trees protecting the Earth. I also thought they tried too hard to make Danny a hero at points… That bloody tiger again.

Lewis: Yeah, I’m willing to accept that he’s a stand-up guy, but if I was a tiger and some dickhead was shining a torch in my eyes, I’d maul him in a heartbeat. I definitely agree about the environmental message, it was done so clumsily it was painful… One positive thing I’d like to bring to the table is that the girl who played Maebh was a surprisingly good actress for her age.


Ben: Yeah I’d agree with you about her. Not sure about the rest of the kids though, they got on my nerves more than anything else. And the “gifted and talented” lie was a little too much for me. What teacher lies to kids? This wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for this fictional school. If Clara was a real teacher she would be banned for sure.

Lewis: This episode, for some reason, seemed dead set on making Clara look like the worst teacher who ever passed their training. I now honestly believe she’s a terrible person to give responsibility to.

Ben: Yeah, she blamed Danny for losing the kid but she was in charge too. Disgraceful behavior.

Lewis: Truly awful… Even the kids know that she’s a crap teacher. Anyway, I assume you saw the preview for the first part of the finale?

Ben: Yeah… I’m not too sure about it. To be fair it was just a preview, but I don’t think it looks great. The Russell T. Davies ones were soooo good; Daleks vs Cybermen, The Master, The return of Davros. When you compare them to the finales under Moffat (TARDIS blowing up to reform the universe and the business on Trenzalore) there is no competition. Davies wins hands down.

Lewis: They definitely used to have a lot more impact, and weren’t over-complicated to the extent where you can barely grasp what’s going on.

Ben: I feel we are edging towards a conversation we should really save for after the next couple of episodes.

Lewis: Probably, but it’s a little teaser for the readers of the Moffat-bashing to come.

So that is what we thought. It wasn’t as bad a Lewis said it would be, was it? Thanks for reading.


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