Mummy on the Orient Express


We at ‘The Minimum Effort’ would like to apologise for this late posting of last weeks article about Dr Who. Some stuff happened and we were busy and it wasn’t our fault. Mostly…


Ben: We still haven’t spoken about Dr Who yet, it’s Friday! (And it’s now Monday evening… oops) What are we doing?

Lewis: Oh shit, I can barely remember it now… The one thing I do remember is that I really enjoyed it.

Ben: Yeah I remember really liking it too; I especially liked the ‘Are you my mummy?’ quote.

Lewis: Yeah that was a cool reference; it took me a moment to register that quote.
It was a pretty original idea too as far as I know! That ticking clock really made the whole episode tense, it gave it a sense of inevitability.

Ben: I think something fairly similar has been done a few series back but I can’t put my finger on it right now…


Lewis: I can’t really remember if it has, but it was a cool idea nonetheless. All the characters were pretty strong; there really weren’t any that I didn’t like.

Ben:  Yeah, strong script, strong story line. To be honest, the only thing I didn’t like was the snap-of-the-fingers change of heart right at the end. It kinda seemed the whole episode was a build up for that moment. Also, at the start I thought I had missed a week’s episode. They flew straight into that heated argument (I am beginning to remember bits now), but I suppose they did explain it as the episode continued so that made up for it.

Lewis: Yeah, they did dive straight into it, and I totally agree about the change of heart, it was pretty poor. Although I think they did intend it to be a spur of the moment, irrational decision due to her spending most of the episode thinking about it.

Ben: Now there is spur of the moment and then there is the whole lying thing, which I think everyone can see is going to come back and bit her on the arse…

Lewis: Oh yes, she’s definitely going to get into trouble about that. I reckon Danny will give her an ultimatum, the Doctor or him.

Ben: And she will choose him and that will be the end of that.

Lewis: Maybe, although I think she said that she’ll stay in it for longer than this season, or was that a clever ruse to make us forget the rumours about her leaving?

Ben: To be honest I didn’t know about the rumours that she was leaving until someone told me about them.

Lewis: I read them online, but then I saw an interview with her denying it so I don’t really know what to think. As Hans Landa in ‘Inglourious Basterds’ says, “Facts can be so misleading, where rumours, true or false, are often revealing”. Do you think we’ll be seeing “Gus” again?

Ben: Fair enough. He may potentially turn up again, but I wouldn’t expect to see him again this series.

Lewis: Yeah, they’ll probably keep him for use in the future. Also, there was no mention of the Promised Land this episode, which makes me suspicious…


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