The Caretaker



Ben: Have you got round to seeing this week’s doctor who yet?

Lewis: Yeah I finally watched it yesterday. I thought it was ok overall, although it definitely felt a bit weak at points.

Ben: I agree, it wasn’t as good as some of the others this series.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the ‘Predator’ rip off; it just didn’t feel very original.

Lewis: Yeah that was a bit cheap, although to be honest until you mentioned that, it hadn’t really occurred to me. But I can definitely see your point. Also, I really thought the front flip by Danny at the end was very poor… It made the whole thing cheap.

Ben: It was really, really poor. Overall, I was not a big fan of this week’s episode. It wasn’t horrific, but it was missing something the previous one had.

Lewis: Yeah, I was kinda disappointed in it, but I’m glad they’ve brought Danny into the loop now. That should pick things up a bit.


Ben: I don’t think he will be all that involved to be honest. And it seems they are already laying down the foundations so that the school girl can be the new companion.

Lewis: If she is, I’m going to stop watching the show. She annoyed me so much.
If I were the Doctor, I would’ve pushed her out of the TARDIS.

Ben: She’s in the next episode.

Lewis: Oh God… I was really hoping that wasn’t her, but I think I was just trying to convince myself that it wasn’t happening. Like I was in a horror movie and the monster was about to open the door to the closet I was hiding in.

Ben: Hopefully she won’t last very long. I have a bad feeling about this though.

Lewis: So did Han Solo, but everything worked out in the end. We just need to pray that we have the same luck. Also, that Afterlife thing really reminded me of Monty Python for some reason. It just feels like something they would do.

Ben: It didn’t go very well for him in cloud city but I suppose it did work out…  I am still not a big fan of the Promised Land bit, although I kind of get what you mean about it being Python-ish

Lewis: Fair enough, I’m not sure what I think of it yet, but time will tell.

Ben: It will become more and more prominent with each episode (obviously), so it could well be brilliant by the end of it.
So I’ll hold my full judgement until then.

Lewis: Fair play, now we just have to hope that next week’s will be a success, and that the kid dies some kind of horrible death.

Sorry this one was a little shorter than the others, it was mainly because we didn’t really have as much crap to say about it. It was a dull episode. Anyway, we hope you enjoy it, and we’ll be back soon. Leave a comment if you like, we’ll probably reply.


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