Time Heist



After the success of the last review I amalgamated, Lewis asked me to do this one. (It definitely has nothing to do with him succumbing to Fresher’s Flu. I’m not even a bloody fresher for God’s sake!). So here it is, our slightly belated review of last week’s Doctor Who episode. Enjoy.

 Ben: Doctor Who…What did you think??

 Lewis: I thought it was surprisingly pretty good, I enjoyed it a lot to be honest. How about you?

 Ben: Yeah I liked it, but I’m not sure whether it was because I had lower expectations, or because it was, in my opinion, the best episode of the series. I hope it was the latter.

Lewis: I don’t really think there were any real disappointments in it, and the concept was pretty original and cool which helped a lot. Although I did guess that those vial things were transporters rather than suicide shots

Ben: Yeah the transporter thing was pretty obvious, but I agree. I felt the script was strong as was the story and the delivery of the lines. It was a pretty solid episode overall. I think the only thing that sort of ruined it was seeing the brain eaters skip away together in the buff… I just think that seeing alien arse lowers the tone a bit.

Lewis: That brain eater alien was genuinely tension-building, which is rare in Dr Who these days. The script was definitely one of the strongest so far, and there were plenty of dark-humoured jokes in there to keep me satisfied. I kinda agree about the nude alien frolicking, but I don’t think it spoilt it, It wasn’t really a big deal for me. And I suppose seeing them together humanised the previously ruthless alien.


Ben: Couldn’t agree more with the first part, but I think that the alien was already humanised when he found his alien wife. I wouldn’t say the alien arse ruined it but I just thought it was a bit pointless.

Lewis: Yeah I meant the bit about his wife, not the arse. I should be clearer about that. I also thought the secondary characters were actually pretty good this time, no terrible actors or stupid characters. Although I wasn’t a big fan of the bank lady, but then again, I don’t think we were really meant to like her in the first place.

Ben: Glad we are that the alien arse bit was stupid.  Yeah, it had some solid one off characters which I wouldn’t mind popping up again, not that they should. I didn’t mind her, and I liked that clone thing, it was pretty clever.

Lewis: If they did decide to bring them back for a cameo I wouldn’t mind. And that clone thing was indeed quite clever, and not too ridiculous for the plot which was a relief. What’s the next one about? I’ve forgotten already.

Ben: Glad we agree. The next one looks like a rip off of the back to school one that aired a few years ago, only this time The Doctor in a caretaker not a teacher

Lewis: Oh yeah, I remember now. It could be interesting I guess.

Ben: Well my expectations have risen again, so the episode will probably be a massive flop.

Lewis: Probably… but there’s still hope yet. How many are left in this season though?

Ben: 12 or 13, it won’t be anywhere near as long as an American series.

Lewis: That’s a good number though. Not too long, not too short.

Ben: At this mid-ish-point in the series I am pretty happy. There have been some ups and downs, but that usually comes standard with most new doctors. On the whole it isn’t as bad as Matt Smiths first series.

Lewis: Definitely, Peter Capaldi hasn’t let us down. In fact I think the only thing that’s been a disappointment in this season is the writing at points. But honestly, it’s been almost consistently good.

Ben: Yeah, some of the writing has pretty dreadful *cough* Robot of Sherwood*cough*. But hopefully Saturday’s episode was a turning point.

Lewis: Well we have differing opinions on that one, but let’s agree to disagree.

See you all next week!


One thought on “Time Heist

  1. Simon

    It’s also a telling point that the 2 main cameo roles (is this an oxymoron?), the augmentation human and the mutant mutant were fairly young – maybe to counter the ‘oldness’ of Peter C. Trying to ensure the appeal to youngsters? We won’t go into the fact that Mr Augmented Human had his own series in CBBC recently or should I even mention, as a late 40 something, that I recognise CBBC actors on mainstream telly!


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