Robot of Sherwood



This is the first episode that we have really disagreed about. This is also the first time that I (Ben) have amalgamated our conversation into a readable post. So I wish you luck.

Ben: Someone needs to take all of Mark Gatiss’ pens away and

burn all the paper in his house. The dire attempts at constant comedy became so incredibly irritating the episode became almost unwatchable. The endless one up man ship between the Doctor and Robin, although refreshing at the start became irksome.

Lewis: You know, despite some extreme cheesiness at points and that ridiculous golden-arrow-engine thing, I actually quite liked that episode. I’m not even going to dignify that Golden Arrow ending thing with any further comment… Which I guess is a comment in itself.The pacing was definitely better than other episodes, although it did drag on a little at times. And while the constant banter between Robin and The Doctor did wear thin at points, most of the time it was genuinely funny. The way Robin Hood is written in this episode is reminiscent of the Robin Hood in Mel Brook’s 1993 comedy, ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’, and maybe that’s why I found him so entertaining?


Ben: I really wasn’t a big fan of the cheese. Fair enough I will follow your lead and gloss over the golden arrow as well.  I disagree with you about the pacing. I thought the episode dragged all the way through until the last 5 or 10 minutes, when there was an explosion of crazy all over my T.V. screen.  But not thinking of the golden arrow there were still loads of holes in the story.  I am going to list them now and everything. Firstly the Robot knights. I thought they were pretty solid bad guys but they were given the worst death ever. They had vaporising laser beam things which the doctor and his merry band of peasants bounced back at the robots with…. Gold plates…. Firstly the gold plates would have been put in the furnace to make the rocket fly, secondly the laser beams disintegrated people, and surely the laser would have destroyed the plates….. No? Also how did the doctor and robin get their leg chains off to enable them to walk to the black smith??????

Lewis: The plot was full of holes, and to be honest if they had concentrated a bit more on these issues the episode would’ve been a lot better than it was. Also, Ben Miller was decent but not great as the villain of the show, he had some fairly funny lines but he just wasn’t really suited to the role.

Ben: I agree with you there about Ben Miller. He put in a solid performance but yeah, I don’t think he made the best bad guy. I also think that the story may have been better if the sheriff and Robin were the creations of the robot people. I think had Gatiss used his Dalek in World War II story here I would have felt more attached to the characters. For anyone thinking I would have ripped Gatiss apart for not being original are wrong, I wouldn’t have done it because the delivery of the story would have been a million times better than Karen Gillan’s attempts.

Lewis: Jenna Coleman had some good moments in this episode, and to be honest her character is grating on my nerves less and less, which I definitely think has something to do with the change from Smith to Capaldi.Speaking of Matt Smith, it just dawned on me that this episode was obviously an attempt at a break from the darker personality of Capaldi, probably to appease the fans of the lighter character that Smith portrayed. Which now makes me question why I liked it so much? … I feel dirty saying that.

Ben: I agree with you about Jenna Coleman. I am now beginning to like the character as Clara develops. I think you could be onto something there about the break from the Dark Doctor, but I still don’t like it.

Lewis: I’m gonna try and save myself some embarrassment and say that the reason why I didn’t mind it was probably due to the fact that it was a one off cheesy episode, rather than a cheesy episode within a long-string of cheesy episodes, creating a cheese-fest that I just can’t handle.

Ben: After last week’s improvement upon episode 1 this week was most definitely a 4 steps backwards. I think with my changes this story could have easily been stretched into a solid two part-er which would enable proper character development and a decent ending. I hope that next week’s episode brings back the darker Doctor that made ‘Into the Dalek’ so enjoyable and judging by the trailer it could be very good.

Thanks for making it to the end, if you agree or disagree feel free to comment below and we will reply to you.


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