Into the Dalek


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Ben:  If doctor who is shit tonight, (I hope it isn’t but if it is) we should post something along the lines of “Urgh… See ‘Deep Breath'”.

Lewis: Haha, good idea. I really hope it’s better.

Later that evening…

Lewis: I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ll be watching it later. What was it like?

Ben: Fair enough, it wasn’t brilliant but I thought it was pretty good. Kind of original, but I won’t say too much.

Lewis: Sounds good, I’m looking forward to it.

The next day…

Lewis: Last night was a definite improvement on the Dr Who front. Not a very original idea though, a lot of things have used it before.

Ben: Yeah I didn’t mind it. The Dalek morality thing harks back to the first appearance of the new Daleks with Christopher Eccleston. Also, the shrinking down of the people was fairly original, and I quite liked how he let that guy die really early on.

Lewis: That “top layer” joke was the first piece of good comedy that’s been in Dr Who for a long time. As for the shrinking down thing, it was the plot for a big 80s movie called Inner Space, where a doctor had to go into a human and remove a blood clot. They did acknowledge that it wasn’t original though, “that’d make a good movie”.

Ben: Fair enough, I haven’t seen that film. On the whole I thought it was a big improvement on last week’s episode.

Lewis: I’m really glad that Vod from Fresh Meat didn’t join them; I’ve never really been a fan of her. I really like Pink though. Some of the writing with him was a bit heavy handed but he’s a good character and Samuel Anderson’s acting is one of the better examples in the show.

Ben: I think that he will be a second recurring story line, and he will doubtless be the soldier that changes the Doctor’s perception.

Lewis: Yeah, for sure. That episode has left my hopes up for this season; I think it’ll be a big improvement on their past efforts. And I really like the Take-no-shit-Doctor that Peter Capaldi is becoming.

Ben: I concur.

Lewis: Indeed *pulls out pipe*.

Ben: Quite *nod of the head and opens a broad sheet newpaper*.

Lewis: *pauses while filling pipe, frowns, ponders, nods head and continues with pipe*.

Ben: *peers over glasses which are placed on the end of the nose, sees the return nod pauses briefly to acknowledge before returning to today’s news*.

Lewis: I think I’ll end it there, haha.

Ben: Fair enough. I couldn’t think of anything else anyway.


Sorry this one was a little late and a little short, there were a lot of reasons why it wasn’t finished ’til today, and procrastination wasn’t actually one of them! Let us know what you think of this new format, and what you thought of our comments.


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