The Mimic


Benportrait1Our Wednesday nights have recently seen the return of Channel 4’s comedy show, ‘The Mimic’. Contrary to many other impression shows, ‘The Mimic’ is written in the style of a sitcom, and it follows the life of former internet sensation, Martin Hurdle, who is now out of work due to a stage fright incident.

I think the first series of ‘The Mimic’ was decent. I didn’t hate it, and it easily passed half an hour of the day, providing me with a few smiles. But not laughs, which is quite telling. I think The Mimic’s unique selling point is, in reality, a disadvantage. Other impressionists are able to dress up as the character they are impersonating, whereas Terry Mynott (the writer and impressionist playing the main character, Martin Hurdle) has to rely solely on his voice. In series 1 this worked as Mynott used a small number of well-rehearsed and well used voices, except for his Terry Wogan which was shocking.

However the first episode saw a number of new voices wheeled out, and I left writing the review until after the second episode as I hoped the show would improve. It didn’t. Many of the new impersonations baffled me until a name was dropped, and what is the point in doing an impersonation if you have to name drop in order for people to understand it? I felt the voices were rushed to make sure he could use them for series 2, and as a result many were unrecognizable and poorly executed.

The lackluster impressions have left me disappointed with the new series. I’d much prefer it if Mynott added one very good voice to his repertoire, rather than adding a range of poor ones that wouldn’t be out of place at a school talent contest taking place in a school that has only just learnt English as a second language. 

In conclusion, I feel that ‘The Mimic’ should have been successfully shelved after series 1. Series 2 has seen a range of new, poorly preformed impressions, and has taken the downbeat nature of series 1 and alienated it, making series 2 more disappointing and depressing than anything else.  The best advice I can give is to watch series 1 and then stop. No matter how tempting it is, do not watch series 2. You will be eternally disappointed. 



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